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- Gino Seo
82 - 70 - 70386024

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KTHASIA is one of the businesses that certified as Korean venture businesses, with a constant development through active product research and business innovation. KTHASIA is a company that creates HEALTH AND BEAUTY: We have been dedicated to generating customer trust via continuous research and experiment. 
KTHASIA manufactures high technology bio cosmetics, biomedicine, bio sanitary aid, and eco friendly products applying TDDS. TDDS(Transdermal Drug Delivery System) is a technology that effectively delivers hydro particles to the skin with nano bio technology, and it maximizes the rate of skin absorption of the effective substance. KTHASIA is the first company adopting TDDS in Korea. 
In Summary, KTHASIA
- manufactures functional hydrogel mask pack as own brands
- manufactures functional cosmetics (OEM and ODM)
- manufactures TDDS biopatch

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